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I was asked today what era of design appealed to me the most. There are a couple that appeal to me for different reasons.

Art Nouveau

I think part of why I love this movement so much was that it was a rebellion against the stiff sensibilities of Victorianism AND it was the first style to be incorporated onto packaging to make the product packaging look more appealing.


Notice the lack of government warnings?


The free, flowing, organic lines, soft colors, and tall figures. This era not only commercialized design, but it gave rise to one of the most influential careers ever.

The Illustrator

Since photography was barely born, what had to be pictured, had to be drawn and painted by hand. Not only did it give room for ideas, but some creative interpretation. The illustrator had the ability to mold perception.

In essence, create a brand.

The Nouveau style has been so enduring, I think because of it’s flexibility. Art Nouveau Awesomeness

Maybe Ironman III should have been set in the Steampunk era of the 1890’s.

We came back to a similar style in the 1960’s with the psychedelic artwork, but I never really found it that appealing. There’s a great article about the transition from the flamboyant, natural and organic lines of Nouveau to the geometric, vibrant Deco movement here.

What Nouveau birth was a whole different critter.

The Art Deco period

in the late 20’s through the 1940’s. I love the simplified, clean lines and  dramatic angles. Notice you’re looking up at everything? It was a refining modernistic approach of the old gothic styles of exaggerated spires and towers stretching to heaven.









It was a modern approach that even made its way into architecture. A great great grandson to old gothic styles of exaggerated angles, spires and towers stretching to heaven. Refined lines, simplified shapes.

Prague / Czech Republic

Rockefeller Center – NY / USA

What’s the dang point?

This is what you are waiting for huh? Where I finally get to my point?

Well, its simple really. What did I say the Nouveau movement of the late 19th century was? A rebellion again stiff sensibilities of Victorianism. Which then went back into clean lines of the Deco period of the 1930s through 50’s, which then went into the “far out” psychedelic art of the 1960’s and 70’s, which then went into geometric hard lines of the 80’s and 90’s, into the grungy and free lines of the 2000’s.

Now, in the last couple years we’re starting to see a shift back into this clean, sharp trend prominent on new mobile devices and web sites.
What about Me? Well, I try to stay ahead of the game.



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