Color – continued revisited.

Summer’s last stand. As we watch the warm days by the pool and weekends on the beach wane, I hope you took a moment to take a look around and let your surroundings change you. Even just a little.

Because color is one of the main visual communicators, we associate feelings with colors. More so than any other element of design.

Moreso than shape, space, line, size, texture or value. Like these, color is only one part of the statement. Where space may draw one aspect of communication, color draws out another, usually a feeling.

Some time back I posted a series of color pallets to inspire your next big idea.



Click on the images to download the palette for use in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Indesign.
Drop me a line or send me a picture of your next big idea and how these inspired you.

Check back soon for more.



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