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Star Wars toys that never made it to the store shelf

Whatever happened to all the ideas for Star Wars toys that got rejected by Palitoy? Let’s take a look at the cast-offs from those prototyping brainstorming workshops.
I really wish I could take credit for all of these, brilliant.
It’s just a box of rocks…. yes, it’s the Planet Alderaan. Post-destruction, the play value of this toy was somewhat diminished.

Recreate the moisture farm massacre – Luke’s aunt and uncle* killed by imperial stormtroopers all over again!!

*Burning corpses sold separately

Here are the action figures to go with the set:

By an amazing coincidence, someone else has a very similar idea: Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru (charred)

That Dead Ewok™ off Return of the Jedi

We saw this poor wee creature mercilessly gunned down by Imperial Troops in Return of the Jedi. In a moving scene, his furry buddy tries to revive him, but alas, he has bitten the dust of Endor’s moon.

Even in death, Ewoks represent a lucrative opportunity to sell playthings to Earthling younglings.

Or perhaps not.

the Force

It’s not an empty box. The force is an invisible energy, it surrounds us and binds the galaxy together.

So stop whining. It’s not an empty box, it’s the FORCE™, all right??

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